Side of Stage VIP Experience




  • The opportunity to watch the entire DEVILSKIN set from an angle rarely seen by fans before SIDE-STAGE!
  • Fist-bump the guys as they go on and off stage.
  • Take selfies and pics of the show from this amazing angle while Devilskin performs.
  • You might get asked to hold someone's guitar pick, Jack Daniels, get a high five mid-set, get a cheers from the guys as they take a sip between songs - who knows? It's all part of the fun of being up in action!
  • We will email specifics about the event about 24 hours before the show as logistics vary by venue and will need to be set up by the band.


    HURRY! There are only 4 spots per show, making this a truly unique experience. First come, first served.

    This package does NOT include ticket to show NOTHING WILL BE SHIPPED.

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